10 Things to Get Excited About for Christmas Time

Hello hello hello my festive friends, Is everyone else just as giddy for Christmas as I am? If you’re not then just take a peruse of this little list I’ve made up of my favorite holiday things which I am super excited for this winter season and if you are like me and already raring for gingerbread men and mistletoe … get ready to get a lot more hyped!! Let’s get Christmas cracking aye …

Advent Calendar Chocolate

Raise your hand if you also want chocolate every morning before breakfast!! My parent’s fireplace basically became an advent calendar shrine when I was a kid and I don’t intend for that to change in adulthood either because mannn are those tiny present shaped chocolates delish. I’m gonna be honest here, I do actually still loveee cheap advent calendar chocolate (maybe it’s the nostalgia I don’t really know) so even if I pick up a £45 luxury truffle advent calendar in future years I’ll be sure to have a Poundland Frozen one on hand too – they’re a classic!

Christmas Markets

I am a real sucker for a Christmas Market but this year Newcastle has really done me proud. It is just absolutely breathtaking, from the new stalls, to the giant festive ornaments, to the Apres ski bar, every trip into town for me is now a festive Geordie wonderland. I’m going to be honest, a fair bit of it does still cost a pretty penny but even if you wanted to have a wander around and then retreat back to Tesco to pick up a £3 meal deal I would highly recommend having a little nosey if you’re in and around Newc. Even if you’re not though, I would 100% advise finding a Christmas market near you for all of the festive feels.

Exclusive Festive Drinks

Last year Costa broke my poor festive heart as I didn’t really like their selection of drinks BUT man oh man did they bring it back for ending the decade with a bang. Irish Velvet and Cream Lattes?! Hazelnut Praline Hot Chocolate?! YES PLEASE!! However Starbucks has swayed me this year, I mean they have a Caramel Brûlée Crème Latte AND a Toasted Marshmallow Hot Chocolate, my hands are tied people. Regardless though I can’t wait to head into uni sipping on all of these gems on the cold winter mornings.

Klaus the Movie

Okay. Real talk. I watched this film a few weeks back with James and I cried four times – happy tears, sad tears and omg I adore this movie tears. That is a solid 10/10 Ellie tear ranking and it has now officially become one of my favourite Christmas movies of all time. The animation is a mesmerising mixture of classical and quirky (it was directed by Sergio Pablos who was involved in creating the 2002 film Treasure Planet which I think also has gorgeous stylisation) and it is unlike any other Christmas film I have ever seen. The trailer in no way serves it justice, it sort of just looks like a tacky children’s film, but please, please, please watch it this holiday season it really is the dream film … I would gladly seize any opportunity to become their mascot. 

The Home Alone 2 Christmas Tree Moments

Does anybody else spend the whole of December keeping their eyes peeled for dreamy looking trees so that they can find the perfect one like Kevin does at Rockerfella Centre in Home Alone 2? Just me? Okay well, anyway, Christmas trees covered in warm sparkling lights and baubles are just my favourite thing ever this time of year and they reaaally get me into the Christmassy mood.

Festive PJs

Who doesn’t love a pair of pyjama bottoms covered in brussel sprouts wearing party hats with a tartan button-down shirt, because I know I do? I actually religiously wear a pair of Grinch PJs I got from Universal Studios every Christmas Eve, but I do like whipping out a range of wintery bed attire throughout December and maybe even into January – festive PJs should 100% be mandatory this time of year.

Sainsbury’s Mince Pies

This is my first year trying mince pies. I know, pure madness!! However, Sainsbury’s mince pies have quite honestly changed my life … not to sound dramatic or anything but WOW. This might cause major drama in the supermarket mince pie world, so it goes without saying that I’m sure they’re all fab but omg omg omg Sainsbury’s knocked my blummin’ festive slippers off.

90s Christmas Disney

Okay so this is a slightly more Ellie Christmas thing, but I love retro Disney in the holidays, especially Christmassy Disney. Whether it is retro baubles or The House of Mouse Christmas special, I don’t feel festive until I’ve whipped out all of the old Disney decs and films. My uncle used to videotape Disney channel at Christmas time for me as we didn’t have it and since films like The Goofy Movie and Beauty and the Beast were on the recordings they always make me feel mega festive!! This is definitely more of a me thing but I would 1000% recommend checking out Mickey’s Christmas Carol as it is my absolute hands-down favourite festive Disney film!!

Chinese Food on Christmas Eve

Another Ellie Christmas thing is that my family, for as long as I can remember, have ordered Chinese food on Christmas Eve. Without my bag of prawn crackers and special fried noodles I ain’t ready for Christmas morning to come – it isn’t exactly pigs in blankets but it is a tradition.

Gavin and Stacey Christmas Special

It’s all the drama Mick!! OMG am I blummin excited!! It isn’t going to be Christmas Day for me this year, it’s going to be Gavin and Stacey Christmas special day and I cannot wait!! I’ve probably watched their original Christmas special (and of course the behind the scenes) at least seven times throughout the year but this year we’re finally going to have some new content from good ol’ Barry Island and I am sooo excited to crack out a mint Baileys and have a giggle.


I really, really hope this post has added a little bit more festive sparkle to your day and gotten you ready and raring for all of the wonderful things this time of year. Whatever you do to fill your Christmas time with cheer, whether that is helping people clear snow off of their porch or wearing Christmas socks, please try to enjoy it to the best of your ability and remember that while presents are of course wonderful they aren’t everything the festive season is about. Wishing you all of the snowflake sprinkled joy,

lots of love, hugs and happy reading,

-E x

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