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Lush Christmas and Halloween Extravaganza

I cannot believe I’m actually saying this, but I … little ol’ theatre-loving, shower gel hoarding Ellie … went to a Lush bloggers event and let me tell you it was L to the U to the S to the…


An Unnecessary University Homeware Haul

Soooo, if you didn’t know I’m moving into my own flat for my third year at uni – eeek!! I’ve never lived entirely by myself before so this might’ve been the worst idea ever on my part but I have…


I Made A Hashtag!

Just a quick one from me today but I have been wanting to do this for theee longest time and have finally plucked up the confidence to give it a go – so whether this completely flops or not at…


Curtain Call Chats – Waitress The Musical

Sugar, butter, flour!! Guess which show I just saw? If you guessed the frosting topped wonder piece that is Sara Barellies’ Waitress you’d be hitting the egg into the baking batter – see what I did there?! Maybe not haha, but…


Material World, Instagram Girl

In the words of my old pal Madonna, “We are living in a material world and I am a material girl” … except I don’t really love being a material girl, which can be a real predicament when you spend…


I Was a Movie Extra for the Day

Prepare yourself for the next Oscar season people because my name is gonna be up in lights, you’ve heard me right, every academy award is going to be making its way over to this starlet because I’m in a blummin’…


Life Update: Summer Camp, Surgeries and Setting Goals

Wowzers. What a summer. I’m not gonna lie, I had sunshine, picnic trips and sandy beaches in mind for these past few months but it didn’t really turn out that way!! But hey-ho I hope you’re all doing wonderfully, I’m…


Curtain Call Chats – Everybody’s Talking About Jamie

Everbody’s Talking About Jamie … and you better believe I am too!! I had been so outrageously excited about seeing this show since I heard about its move to the West End, as it was originally based in Sheffield, which…


AmsterGRAM – The Ultimate Guide to Amsterdam’s Most Instagrammable Spots

With essay hand-ins and summer job prep jam-packing my schedule these past few months, I’ve been a bit naughty and neglected my little blog. Saying that though, I did manage to sneak in a quick trip to Amsterdam over my…


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