I Made A Hashtag!

Just a quick one from me today but I have been wanting to do this for theee longest time and have finally plucked up the confidence to give it a go – so whether this completely flops or not at least I’ll have given it a whirl!!

Sooo, I wanted to start up my own hashtag called #ElsBumblebaes!! I have seen so many of my lovely mutuals do this over the past year and have loved being able to go onto different hashtags and discover new accounts and styles of photography in the blogging community. I would also absolutely love to do a round-up of my favourite posts every one to two weeks – I’m trying to be a bit more realistic here because knowing me I won’t get around to it every single week hahaha.

It actually took me soooo long to come up with a hashtag because it turns out there are barely any suitable, cute words that start with an E?! The list was originally sporting ideas such as #ElliesElephants and #ElsEllipticalTrainers … it was shocking … soo I ditched that for something with a tad more cheese because to be fair that really does some me up better. If you didn’t know I have so, so many pieces of bee-themed jewellery – fun fact, my first ever birthday with my boyfriend his parents bought me my first ever bee-themed jewellery piece (a necklace) sooo this seemed quite fitting!

Anyways, there isn’t that much to this post besides me saying that I’ve now started using the hashtag myself and would love for you all to give it a shot, even if it’s just to scout out some new outfit pic ideas from fellow Grammers. I hope you all have a lovely rest of your week,

Lots of love, hugs and happy reading,

– E xx

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