I Was a Movie Extra for the Day

Prepare yourself for the next Oscar season people because my name is gonna be up in lights, you’ve heard me right, every academy award is going to be making its way over to this starlet because I’m in a blummin’ movie … I mean hopefully … as long as I don’t get cut. In all seriousness though, while I might not actually end up on the big screen I did get to go onto the set of Everybody’s Talking About Jamie: The Movie and be an extra which was hands down one of the wildest things I’ve ever done.

I have always cracked jokes about being perfect for movies, as I of course love theatre but also just emulate the ‘drama queen’ persona most days too, so being able to actually boogie around in the shoes of the stars for a day was so humbling. I’ve always had this vision of the life of an actress being so luxurious and carefree (and maybe for some people it is, I mean Meryl Streep never fails to look in her element) but to be honest, it was absolutely exhausting. Don’t get me wrong, the day was literally like something in a movie – which makes sense. There was sparkling sunshine, enough pastel confetti for a billion Instagram Coachella snaps and plenty of smiley actors rocking outfits that were River Island levels of swank but there was also a lot of waiting … and I mean a LOT. For each thirty-second take they would shoot we would be stood around for an extra twenty minutes waiting for them to reset. Times that by four takes for each shot and you’ve got yourself the life of a movie star!!

I was only there for the day and while it was one of the most exciting things I’ve ever been involved in, it did also make me gain such a respect for everyone involved in the film making process. Whether it’s the big ol’ stars of the show, the extras stood to the sidelines or the members of the crew, it is one hell of a job. It also made me realise how competitive the industry actually is, which might sound a tad blonde but hear me out. I’ve always loved the competitive theatre kid role in movies and TV shows, that amalgamation of determination and diva always has me laughing but to see people pushing in front of one another to get to the front lines before the director yells actions was a whole other thing. People were literally having military operation level chats in breaks to determine how on earth they were gonna get their face front and centre – it was madness. So, to all those actors and actresses that have made it out the other side, congrats, I only lasted a day and am in need of a full body massage, so you are magnificent!! Besides that though it was, as I have said, so much fun. The crew constantly made sure everyone was fed and watered, we got some very decent tans and most importantly got to see some incredible acting and boogieing taking place.

Whilst on set I also had the pleasure of meeting the one and only Jamie Campbell/Fifi la True and they were just everything the show presents them to be and more. I always have this concern that once I meet people that I admire they won’t live up to my expectations, I’m sure many of you can relate, but I was so so relieved that this wasn’t the case. A member of staff even came up to Jamie/Fifi whilst a group of us were all chatting to them and they asked them to come over and look at something film-related but in the most graceful and polite manner Jamie/Fifi agreed to go, just after they’d spoken to everyone who wanted a chat or to take a photo. Now that is what someone wants their first meeting with an idol to be like. So thank you to Jamie/Fifi for being the perfect combination of humbleness and sass yesterday – you are and were fabulous.

It was such a privilege to be even a teeny part of this story that means so so much to both myself and many others, so thank you to the team for this opportunity – it was breathtaking. I wish I could chat more about the experience as a whole but then I’d be giving away tidbits from the film, so instead I’m going to leave it here for today and just tell you to head on over to the cinema on the 23rd October next year to not only see what I’m certain is going to be an incredible movie but fingers crossed have me in it!!

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your bank holiday weekend,

Lots of love, hugs and happy reading,

-E xx

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