Introducing Me


Hello, how are you? I’m Ellie, a nineteen-year-old English Literature student – I apologise for the dating-profile formalities of that introduction but a clumsy handshake over text seemed far worse.

I love creating, reading, writing, squeezing a cute Instagram out of almost anything, so starting a blog felt like the appropriate next step. This blog is a place where I hope to find my feet as I enter my twenties because, man, adulthood is a scary concept, but filling it with discussions about frothy lattes and whatever is trending on Twitter sounds far more comforting.

I’m a massive theatre fanatic and despite not being blessed with an ability to hold a tune, whatsoever, I can assure you that I will still belt out every line to the ‘RENT’ soundtrack at any and all occasions. I also love books. I mean being a Literature student you’d probably expect that, but regardless, being able to tuck myself in between the pages of a great book is something I have always adored. Did I mention I’m slightly Instagram obsessed, and by slightly I mean utterly addicted? I’m definitely an amateur Instagrammer, but I enjoy it nevertheless.

Besides things that give me the warm fuzzies (if it’s a term good enough for Urban Dictionary, it’s good enough for me), with this blog I do want to address the trials and tribulations of being a young adult – whether that is concerning self-confidence, relationships or balancing the spinning plates of education, finances and a semi-functioning social life. I hope to be a virtual shoulder for you to lean on.

So, happy reading.

– E

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