Let’s Chat Resolutions

2020 how ya feel in’ gal?!

Up until last year I was never really one for New Years resolutions, don’t get me wrong I have 100% jumped on the diet and ‘only good vibes’ bandwagon in the past but if I’m going to be honest I always knew it would only last until mid February. Resolutions, to me at least, have always been a massive guilt inducer – there’s just so much public pressure behind them, besides any pressure you put on yourself, so I tend not to make them now.

But for 2019 l did something a little different, I set myself the one goal for the year of being able to find a pair of jeans that were comfy and made me feel flippin’ fab when I wore them and I DID IT!! I know to some people this won’t be so much of a big deal, but if you know me in real life (especially within my 2015-2017 skirt era) you’ll know that a pair of jeans was never going to make it within 200 miles of my wardrobe, ever.

Jeans, up until this past year, have been my clothing nemesis. They have always made me feel too frumpy, lumpy and all words in between … I mean why is it so hard to button them up when they’re new?! Plus the shopping process is just exhausting, I’m already a one stop shop gal so to have to try on 7 pairs of jeans per store to find the right one to fit over my tush is just a no go from me.

But after having my surgery in the summer and my swelling going down I threw myself into the denim clad abyss of jean shopping and the first pair I tried on in New Look were these bad boys and omg do I love them. If New Look ever want to make me a brand rep I will be ready and raring because this jeans, without sounding too dramatic, changed the way I view the world … of things to cover my bootay with. They’re the Hallie Highwaisted Super Skinny Jeans and they are without a doubt the most comfy jeans I have tried so THANK YOU New Look for giving me a reason to believe in the world of denim once again!!

Anyways, the point of all of this is that up until last year I found resolutions so difficult because they always seemed unattainable but pushing myself to achieve this minor goal made me far happier than any extreme diet or deleting all social media from my phone ever would have. Of course, if they are your resolutions this year and you’re sticking to them I completely respect that decision, but I definitely think for some people being able to take the pressure off at the start of the year with a small goal is a lot more refreshing. So for this year what I really want to do is get a new ear piercing, I’ve seen so many ladies with their second holes done and have been dreaming about it for ever so 2020 is the year I’m going to bite the bullet and I for one can’t wait.

What are everyone else’s resolutions, big or small, I would absolutely love to know?
Wishing you all happy, healthy and fabulous year,

lots of love, hugs and happy reading,

-E x


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