Life Update: Summer Camp, Surgeries and Setting Goals

Wowzers. What a summer. I’m not gonna lie, I had sunshine, picnic trips and sandy beaches in mind for these past few months but it didn’t really turn out that way!! But hey-ho I hope you’re all doing wonderfully, I’m doing good as far as good goes.

I was going to make this post as a sort of ramble about what I’ve been up to but recently I read a wonderful post by the blummin’ brilliant Sofia from Forever Fi, where she reflected on her past month and set goals for the month ahead and I thought it was the most refreshing idea ever. HERE is a link to her post, I’d highly recommend you go have a nosey, it’s fab. Sooo, I’m going to take a leaf out of this lovely lady’s book and give it a shot.


First off, a cheeky lil throwback…

Summer Camp Workin’ – If you’ve seen some of my recent Insta posts you’ll probably know that I worked as a mentor on a sort of summer camp scheme-thingy for the whole of July and I had the BEST time ever. I don’t know if I can mention where I worked but you can pretty much guess it entirely from those posts – mainly because I named the company but y’know, whoops. Anyway, I definitely went into my first week absolutely pooing myself but everyone was so, so, so blummin’ lovely. I have a fairly big tell-tale sign that when I adore people I am constantly pestering them for group photoshoots and that was basically me every twenty minutes, of every day, the whole time I was there hahaha. I have pretty naff friendship-making skills so if any staff are reading this, hi, hello, thank you for making me sooo excited for work every day, regardless of any blips, because I knew everyone on the team was flippin’ fab and would be supportive.


Half of my time there was at residential centres, basically taking our teams around different activities like canoeing, rock climbing and one mega hike as well as doing mini life-lesson sessions. My other two weeks there we did sessions about things like budgeting, public speaking and leadership. Both were really enjoyable in their own ways and both of the teams I worked with were wonderful!! With lots of staff games of Articulate, cups of tea and plenty of Love Island goss at the time, what more could a gal ask for at work?!

Homeware Shopping Besides working I have also been routing around every nook and cranny of the internet over the past few weeks to find some sweet homeware deals because if you didn’t know, I’m moving into my own studio in September!! Granted it isn’t going to be a four-bedroom penthouse suite but I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to have my own little place. I’ve been ludicrously invested in my ‘sunshine yellow and lemon themed kitchen’ for many, many weeks now so finding all of the bits and bobs for it have slightly taken over my time online but fingers crossed it’s gonna be glorious.

Surgery – So, here’s the biggie – I had surgery!! You might have seen my post about this on Instagram by now but yeah, I had some pretty major surgery in late July and I’ve basically been recovering in bed since then. Like I said in my caption on that post, I might write about this eventually in more detail but, basically, it has taken me two super long and difficult years to reach being taken seriously about my period pains. On my period I usually get excruciating ‘ovary pains’, back/spine pain, nausea and some really really hardcore migraines. Maybe this is a bit TMI but I was also super duper prone to any and all infections downstairs, which were not only super frustrating but pretty taxing on my student loan. But regardless of all this, I was told specifically by several doctors that I was being “wimpish” and basically just needed to crack open a pack of paracetamol and get on with life, which is total rubbish.

I don’t want this to be a sob story post (totally get how contradictory that looks right now don’t worry) but I know how much I would’ve appreciated hearing from someone that I wasn’t being a total loon about all of this. Regardless of whether you’re having problems now, did have problems in the past, or may do in the future, please trust your instincts regarding your body and push to protect your health. I only eventually got taken seriously once my mum came to an appointment with me (she’s a lady I wouldn’t mess with) and ensured I was seen by a professional who fortunately believed my concerns, but I know other people aren’t necessarily this lucky. While I don’t know a lot about medical matters my Insta inbox is always open if anybody wants advise on the process I had to go through to speak to specialists in this area because even though my mum got me through the door eventually it was still a seriously long process.

Anyway, I had a laparoscopy (a very fancy word I know) and I ended up finding out that I had a cyst on one of my ovaries and my bowels were twisted around my uterus. My bowels were actually also longer than they should’ve been so they had to be cut, I don’t fully understand how that works but I don’t really want to. So now I’m rocking three majorly sweet tummy scars but they’re fortunately a lot more painful than they look – which might sound a tad backwards but what I’m trying to say is appearance-wise they’re not too mega. The worst part of the recovery process was 100% having air trapped in my ribcage and collar bone … oh boy did that hurt. I had to have air pumped into me for the surgery (I imagine a giant balloon dog type of situation) and it got caught in between my bones for around four days and it was hands down the most painful thing I’ve ever, ever felt. If you end up experiencing a similar thing I would recommend peppermint tea and walking around as much as you can to partially start helping it. Anyway, hopefully, it’s only a one time fix after I rest up over the next few weeks but please if you take anything from this post, please just push to prioritise your health if you think something is wrong, I know I’m no doctor but ‘it’s better safe than sorry’ is an approach I’ve adopted quite heavily in this experience and it paid off.


Let’s do this thang …

Sooo, while I can’t exactly do loads right now I do want to set myself a few goals, inspired by the lovely Fi, for over the upcoming months because I’ve got some serious catching up to do:


  1.  Actually do some uni work woman – so it’s fair to say I haven’t done lots (or anything really in a while now), oops. I have made a bit of progress for the coming months though because I’ve booked to go visit some archives in London to help with my dissertation which should be super fun, plus I’ve also maybe made a cheeky booking to see Waitress while I’m down there too – yay!!
  2.  Meet up with some bloggers – This is maybe a lil harder but I would love to meet up with some bloggers to do some snap sessions or even just grab a lovely lil coffee and have a natter. I’ll be back in Newcastle in late September and I would love love love to meet up with some peeps but until then I might travel around a few cities once I’m recovered – my Insta inbox is always open if anyone would maybe want to get together!!
  3.  Be more blog adventurous – This is sort of a tag on to number two but I really want to get the confidence to go more places by myself and have the confidence to take solo snaps with a tripod. I don’t know how this is gonna go but I’m gonna try my hardest.
  4.  Look after my body – I was really getting to a place where I was more confident with my body but this operation has really ruined that. As well as a lot of tummy swelling, being filled with air for the op has done some seriously funky things to my body, plus sitting around all the time after exercising for around five times a week hasn’t worked wonders either. So, for now, I’m going to try eating a lot better until I’m back on my feet and cracking out the gym gear again.


And that’s that my guys and gals – my summer ‘highlights’ all rolled into one blog post!! If you’ve made it this far I hope you enjoyed yourself, I actually had quite a good time writing this one, I can’t wait to write some more once I’m back on my blogging game. For the meantime, I hope you have a lovely rest of your week,


lots of love, hugs and happy reading,

-E xx



  1. August 13, 2019 / 5:54 pm

    You are absolutely incredible ellie! So brave of you to have all of that health ‘stuff’ (I know it’s not just stuff but I wasn’t too sure what else to call it ahaha) and I really hope you’re on the mend xx
    Your summer camp sounded absolutely amazing and it’s so lovely to see you so smiley in all the photos! It looks like you had fun x I also really loved your goals and definitely want to look after my body more this month. Ps I would 100% come and visit you for a coffee anytimeeeee xxx

    Love Fi x

    • elliesimmonite
      August 15, 2019 / 2:01 pm

      Ah, bless you Fi thank you so much!! Don’t worry about the health ‘stuff’ that’s all I basically call it too anyway haha!! Fingers crossed I’ll be fine soon xx and yeah it was sooo fab, absolutely loved it!! My door is always open for you to come to grab a coffee that would be fabbb, lots of love gal xxx

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