Lincoln in the Summer Throwback

Hellooo lovely peopleee!! I hope you’re all doing super well and enjoying the new autumnal vibes that are in the air – I’m definitely loving being able to crack out my scarf and boots collection. But for now, I wanted to bid a farewell to what has been a fabulous and photo-filled summer with a lil’ post dedicated to mine and James’ adventure to Lincoln the other month. We were on the scout for some new snaps on this trip, especially since James had just gotten a new camera, and like the ultimate Gram duo that we are, we sure did find some!!

Say hello to James …

Sooo here’s a lil polaroid of me and the bf on our Lincoln trip and ain’t he cute? I figured I should give him a shoutout before I start this post because I do get giddy about having a photography student boyf in this post a lot (I mean besides him being pretty damn fineee it’s blummin’ useful to date someone who knows the importance of the Gram) so here he is guys. I’m actually so sad that this photo isn’t digital though, because it makes it so much harder to spread across every form of social media I have. It’s one of my fave pictures of us ever, I just love it … and of course I love James a lot too but what a cuteee pic.

Lincoln Cathedral

First off we found our way to the Lincoln Cathedral which is hands down one of the most gorgeous spots in Lincolnshire county, so ten points to you Lincoln woo woo!! We especially found that under the arches there were lots of spots for different pictures and the sunshine gave everything that warm, toasted sunset glow which made for the BEST photos. Granted, it was a little harder to get solo snaps because lots of people were exploring the Cathedral as well but all it took was a little patience on our part and fortunately everyone there was really lovely about our pretty big photoshoot. Even if you don’t enjoy taking pics of yourself the Cathedral is a gorgeous spot from some architectural photographs and I’ve gotta say me and James had a wild time in the gift shop.



Go Gelato

Me and James actually made this trip during the end of the UK’s summer heat wave and it’s fair to say I was ready for autumn by then because MAN was it hot!! The combination of me being in favour of a nudist society due to the heat and my astonishingly poor stamina meant that by the time I had made my way up and then halfway back down Steep Hill, not only was I stupidly warm but also ready to lay down and nap … so I assumed Grandma Ellie mode and convinced James to sit down and grab some goodies. That was when we found Go Gelato. Not only is it an absolutely gorgeous little ice cream parlour but I can confirm that it’s 4.5 star rating on Google is worth it for the raspberry ripple ice cream alone. They also sold STILL LEMONADE which is one of my absolute fave summer drinks so massive props to them for unintentionally catering for me specifically.

Unfortunately, because it was such a busy day the front of the store was jam-packed with people so we were sat in the back which (while being incredibly cute and fitting my Insta theme woo) didn’t have the best lighting. Although the shots we did get look really sweet and show off James’ fabulous new camera skills, so 10/10 for effort babe.


Lincoln Castle

I am a sucker for castles. Anywhere I can pretend to be a ‘real princess’ is somewhere I want to be, so I got to live out my Meghan Markle dreams in the sunshine for a little while as we took some snaps while visiting the castle. We didn’t actually pay to go around the castle walls because, 1) it was crazy busy to queue for tickets and get around it and 2) we’re students and a £17.20 is a pretty steep bill for us to see some swanky walls sooo we decided to just chill out around the grounds. BUT my fab partner in crime did get some pictures of me prancing around and pretending to be on an episode of ‘Cribs’ which are some of my absolute favourites that he shot on this trip so it was a pretty successful spot to explore. Plus it was actually just a nice area to generally relax in the sunshine and I’m sure if I were a student studying in Lincoln I would make plenty of trips to just go and sit on the grass there and catch up on my weekly reading.

We Like Food …

While we were visiting Lincoln there was actually a food festival taking place which ended up being one of the best and worst things that could’ve happened to us. Myself and James are massive foodies, but we’re also students with budgets so we couldn’t really go wild on the snack purchases, however, we did eye up these waffles at the start of the day and on our way back couldn’t resist trying them so of course it also turned into a mini photo shoot. Trying to look cute and delicate while eating is something I’ve realised ain’t really my forte but I tried my darn hardest, especially with the surrounding pigeons waiting for me to drop my waffle at any given moment. The whole photo taking sesh also just felt super summery and ‘I’m in a teen beach movie’-ish in a weird way so that was pretty fun.


And with that, we headed back home on the train after a sunny and snap filled day. I absolutely adore Lincoln and had such a fab time just getting to wander around it at leisure and be a posy goof with my bestie, so it definitely gets a massive thumbs up from me. I’m already starting to miss sunglasses and summer dress weather BUT I am really, really, really looking forward to Autumn and Winter this year so bring on the Jack Frost puns and seasonal decorating, I’M READY!! I’m sorry that this post was a shorter one again, I’m completely swamped with uni work but fingers crossed I will be able to get ahead of myself by next week and get back to writing some new juicy posts. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend,

Lots of love, hugs and happy reading,

– E xx


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