Lush Christmas and Halloween Extravaganza

I cannot believe I’m actually saying this, but I … little ol’ theatre-loving, shower gel hoarding Ellie … went to a Lush bloggers event and let me tell you it was L to the U to the S to the H. To anyone that was that heard me referring to everything I smelt as lush I promise it was involuntary love for all of their new products and not just a daft pun – I mean at least not the third or fourth time of me saying it.

I have been a life long admirer of Lush as a company for both their products and messages behind them but I especially love their seasonal releases. It doesn’t really feel like Autumn has rolled around until you get the chance to stroll into this little store of wonders, pick up a basket and fill it with pumpkin-themed bath bombs and Christmas spice shower gel and leave with a few less pennies in your bank account but feeling all the better for it. Sooo without further ado, let’s get into this!!

Basket necessities this season

I have two words for you people, YOG NOG. Do you want to smell like freshly baked gingerbread biscuits and butterscotch because I know I do?! The Yog Nog range comes in a variety of forms, from the classic bath bomb to a shower gel, to my now current favourite … the body conditioner. Not only does this bad boy smell like the perfect combination of Christmassy spice and bakery goodness but it means that you don’t have to moisturise once you pop out of the shower on cold wintery mornings so you can just pop your favourite oversized jumper on and wow will you smell delish!!

A couple of my Christmas bath bomb faves this season have to be the Rudolph Bath Bomb and Penguin Bomb Bomb not only because they’re hands down the cutest ones on the list but also because they smell the BOMB – eh, eh?! The Rudolph bomb smells of festive marzipan which I think is just to die for (are you sensing a theme here) plus he has recyclable paper antlers so what isn’t to love? Mr. Penguin is a little more on the refreshing side, as he has orange oil in him, but is nevertheless still suitable for a little bit of festive magic as he has a popping candy core – which is either magical or a little gruesome, you decide.

If you’re a Snow Fairy lover, which I have to admit I have not been up until this year, they’ve brought back the classic Magic Wand and I for one could not be more chuffed. I will never turn down a chance to pretend I’m a fairy godmother so this is the perfect item for me, but if that isn’t your vibe they have also brought out the Snow Fairy Amazeball which is a bath bomb filled with citrus-scented magic dust in the middle! Let me tell you, that bath bomb is a show stopper.

For those of you not in the Christmas spirit yet who just want to live out your Halloween fantasies there are also some incredible spooky goodies including an amazing little pumpkin gift set filled with all of the fab autumn items they have on offer – so there really is something for everyone.

Getting Messy

As well as getting to check out their new fab products we also got a chance to make a Hulder bath bomb and also my hands-down favourite Lush product of all time, the Comforter bubble bar!! I’ve got to admit, I will probably never work in a Lush lab because I was pretty abysmal, but it was still sooo much fun. Not only did everything smell absolutely delectable (ooh big word I know) but the lovely ladies I was in the ‘naughty team’ with made the experience all the more fun. The staff at the event were also just brilliant, to say it started at 8am I have never seen a group of people with so much energy and positivity – especially the hilarious elf duo, they could honestly have their own talk show.


Ladies of the North East

Plus, it wouldn’t be right for me to not mention some of the wonderfully talented and super sweet North East bloggers that were also at this event. I actually really struggle sometimes to find bloggers in Newcastle (I just feel like everyoneee lives in London sometimes, y’know?) so it was so fab to be reminded that people do actually blog near me!! I spent a lot of the event wandering around with the lovely, lovely Caitlyn from @caitlynmcadam who I have been following for the longest time so it was flippin’ fabulous to finally meet her and she was just everything she is online and more, what a gal, plus it was soo refreshing to see someone with the same love of boomerangs as me hahah! There were also a lot of other brilliant ladies there too, including:




All of these gals have suchhh breathtaking accounts that you should definitely go have a mooch around whether you’re in the North East or not if you want a little more beauty on your feeds! I honestly had such a brilliant time at my first ever official blogger event, Lush truly did an incredible job and I cannot begin to recommend their Christmas and Halloween range enough. Thank you so, sooo much to Lush Newcastle for having me, I’m sure you’ll be seeing a lot of me over the next few months. I hope you all have a wonderful, bubble bath filled week,

Lots of love, hugs and happy reading,

-E xx

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