Mamma Mia, You’ve Gotta Go Again – Why You Need to See Mama Mia Live

Hello, hello, hello lovely theatre goers and aspiring ABBA tribute bands, if you follow me on Instagram you might have seen that this year I’m working with the Theatre Royal Newcastle as a student ambassador (eeeeek) and the show I’ve been paired with this term is Mamma Mia (double eeeek), so as you can guess I’m pretty blummin’ excited. The film is one of my all time fave movie-musical adaptions and while number two maybe wasn’t quite as much of a bop, although Waterloo definitely was up there, the live show is without a doubt one of my ultimate feel good loves. You’ve got sunshine, smooches and scandal – it’s everything you want jam packed into two hours and thirty five minutes. Sooo since I was so excited about the show going on tour next year I thought I would pop up a list of reasons why you should get your booty to a theatre near you!!

It’s all about the music

ABBA is the one baby! You can’t honestly tell me you don’t bust a move to ‘Money, Money, Money’ every time it comes on at a wedding, it’s practically law to do so and don’t even get me started on the all-time classic ‘Mamma Mia’, it will have you on your feet from the first beat. So who wouldn’t love listening to these absolute bops live paired with swanky outfits and a glorious set with the live musical – sign me up for the earworms now!

Mums and daughters unite

Without a doubt one of my favourite things in the world about this show is the fact that, while it is a show for everyone, the mother-daughter element to it is just beautiful. If you didn’t get a chance to cry in the cinema to ‘Slipping Through My Fingers’ with your mum when the first time the movie released, or get an opportunity to sob the wholeee way through the second film, this is your chance to wack out the tissues and share them between yourself and madre/daughter.


A celebration of middle-aged female sexuality

I feel like this goes SO unappreciated amongst all of the father-filled-dramz but Tanya’s performance of ‘Does Your Mother Know?’ is such an empowering moment for all the menopausal audience members out there. A lady rockin’ it on the beach and completely and utterly knocking everyone dead with a song about feminine power is just the cherry on this 1970s filled dream cake.

Girl power

Following on from Tanya’s moment in the spotlight we have to talk about the girl gangs in this film because they are just iconic. From Sophie’s bridesmaid troupe to Donna and the Dynamos, this musical gives us female empowerment left, right and center. These women are just so endlessly supportive of one another and it provides such an important backing to the overall story arch to know that ladies will be there for each other time and time again. This is seen no more so than in ‘Dancing Queen’ where all of the women on the island bust an absolute move together while rocking it down to the pier – I mean you’re just flat out lying to yourself if it isn’t one of your top five favourite songs of all time.


A silly plot

Even I can admit that while I love Mamma Mia, the plot is a tad on the silly side. But isn’t that what we all love about musicals? Yes everyone bursts into song every five minutes but man oh man would life be so much more flippin’ fab if that happened every day! It’s 100% rocking the cheesy vibes but it is just such a feel-good show that by the time you think “why on earth are grown men dancing in scuba suits?” you’ll be having too much of a good time to even care.

It’s SO moreish

Mamma Mia is one of those film that regardless of how many times you’ve seen it when you see that Channel four are repeating it for the fifth time this month it is still something you’re itching to watch. So even if you have seen it who can really resist wanting to see Bill Anderson rocking a pair of tangerine sequined flare pants at the curtain call? Plus the tour fits in perfectly with the post-Christmas blues so it’s ideal for getting your first fix of Donna Sheridan in the New Year.

I know that Mamma Mia isn’t always everyone’s cup of tea, I can appreciate the major cheese factor of it, but at the same time it is just such a heartwarming show that I would encourage anyone who hasn’t been to see it to give a try. The worst that can happen is you might be inspired to go out and buy a 70s disco jumpsuit, but is that really all that bad? As for me, I have my tickets at the ready and can’t wait to be front and centre for the show once it comes to the Newcastle Theatre Royal on the 22nd January! I hope you all have a wonderful week and get a chance to pop some Mamma Mia songs on your morning playlist at the very least,

lots of love, hugs and happy reading,

-E x


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