My Top 9 Instagram Spots In and Around Bath

Okay, sooo this post has taken far, far too long for me to get up but it’s finally here – my top 9 favourite spots in and around Bath!! Despite myself and my family exploring lots of different areas of Somerset during our weeks stay in Bath, I still don’t think we managed to explore every nook and cranny of this gorgeous place, but we tried our darn hardest! Bath is incredibly special, not only due to it’s breathtaking, scenic beauty, but also because it embraces all of the different aspects of a good ol’ relaxing, heart-eyes inducing holiday. It is a wonderful city with some ridiculously cute cafes and independent shops, surrounded by miles of nature and wildlife, wrapped up in a neat historical bow and I love love love it!! Everywhere we visited left me wide-eyed and yanking my camera out of my backpack to beg my now ~professional~ photographer mum to take a few snaps of me – I even caught her doing a flat-lay of our dinner the other day, so it’s fair to say she likes her new job title. So, prepare yourself for a lot of posey ‘cool gal Ellie’ pics and just a dash of millennial pink in this little ramble!!


The Circus, Bath – (The Circus, Bath, BA1 2EW)

I had to start off with an essential Insta-op for anyone hunting down one of those ‘I want to live in one of these gorg houses but have lots of uni debt’ shots. The Circus is not only a historical treasure in Bath (being an architectural triumph of its time) but also encourages such a positive buzz in the people who visit it, with lots of tourists and locals posing around The Circus to get some artsy shots, so you’re not going to feel like the odd one out. Plus it’s only a short walk from the city centre so what’s not to love?!



Thermae Bath Spa – (The Hetling Pump Room, Hot Bath St, Bath BA1 1SJ)

Did somebody mention the ultimate spa destination, because this is most certainly it!? Before we even set foot in Bath I had my sights set on the Thermae Bath Spa as an especially cute Insta spot, however, it does have a ‘no photo policy’ so you may have to go slightly incognito for this one – although when I visited the Spa lots of people were sneaking in a few snaps. The balcony on the sauna level is the most perfect spot for some posey photos werking your spa robe or elegantly chilling out on a lounge chair. Even if you don’t want to get some pics for The Gram the time I spent in the spa was honestly my favourite part of the holiday, it was so relaxing and I left it feeling clean, smiley and like I could take on the world.



Thoughtful Bakery – (19 Barton St, Bath, BA1 1HG)

The name says it all. I have never felt so welcomed and genuinely cared for in a cafe by both the staff and food before, I mean I will be the first to hold my hands up and admit I could’ve cuddled my sandwich. The amount of consideration and time they invested in their food was incredible, from the layout of the over the counter options to their cinema-board themed menu, it was made clear from the second I stepped through the door that this was a cafe that cared about all aspects of its business. The staff were so genuine and lovely, allowing me to take lots of snaps of the counter and even offered to give me a tour of the downstairs baking school (where they hand make their own bread!!!) which perfectly topped the experience for me. So whether it’s a posey latte pic you’re looking for or a delicious lunchtime flat-lay I recommend you run to the ‘Thoughtful Bakery’ and try to grab one of their peanut-butter chocolate brownies before they sell out!!


Castle Combe

Castle Combe is definitely in competition to be one of the most Instagrammable spots in England, you need only look at it’s tagged location pictures on Instagram to know that. It’s a gorgeous little town where I un-shamelessly got very snap happy and took tons of photos but it’s just too darn quaint not to okay, I’m only human!! Granted the town is a little small, with only a pub and the church besides the cuteness of the houses to keep you occupied, so if quietness isn’t your cup of tea and if you’re taking a long journey to reach it maybe this isn’t for you. They did film War Horse there though, which is worth a trip to visit it alone if you ask me.




Pulteney Bridge – (Bridge St, Bath, BA2 4AT)

Much like The Circus, the Pulteney Bridge is an iconic landmark for Bath, which is not only gorgeous to look at but also provides lots of different photo-ops. You could either take in the sights from the bridge and watch people canoeing or go down and explore the riverside – either way it’s a relaxing, unique spot to venture around. Also, say HELLO to an incredible range of independent shops and cafes across the bridge, whether you go and explore ‘The Bridge Coffee Shop’ to grab a cappuccino or nip into ‘Found’ to pick up some adorable cards and a jumper you’re always going to be in a scenic setting ideal for a few quick snaps.


Stonehenge – (Amesbury, Salisbury, SP4 7DE)

Okay, hear me out. While Stonehenge doesn’t have pastel cupcakes or a floral photo wall it does provide a one of a kind photo opportunity. Whether you want to just get a natural, scenery pic, pose in your slickest outfit (down with the kids aye?) or as myself and my brother did … recreate scenes from the Doctor Who episode set there, you will be able to get an interesting (to say the least) photo out of the experience, while also getting to see a globally known landmark. Did somebody say two birds with one stone?!



Cafe Rouge – (15 Milsom St, Bath, BA1 1DE)

Despite ‘Cafe Rouge’ being a chain restaurant I had to slip it into this list because our experience there was just too picturesque to not discuss. Not only were the staff lovely, the restaurant itself had a very classical vibe to it which made for a great setting and the FOOD, oh boy the FOOD!! We ended up ordering T W O sharing platters between F O U R of us with expectations of a few carrot sticks and some hummus being brought out … but we were so, so, so wrong. These platters were absolutely immense, both in size and taste and made for the most perfect flat-lay opportunity ever. By the end of our meal (yes we did also attempt to/conquer our mains) we acquired both some cute snaps and the nickname of the ‘bear family’ from our waitress.


The Roman Baths – (Stall St, Bath, BA1 1LZ)

Bath has such an interesting historical past and this spot on further serves to prove this … in typical Bath picturesque style. We took a tour of the Roman Baths which was incredibly eye-opening and interesting – I recommend listening to the children’s audio tour, it’s really funny and has interactive quizzes (woo woo) … this is coming from an A Level history student. Besides that, it provides a multitude of different photo options to get that ultimate shot and pretend to be a Roman Emperor/Empress whether you’re sat down by the waters or looking down on them from the second-floor balcony.

Lush Spa – (8 Union St, Bath BA1 1RW)

Sadly we didn’t have time to have any treatments at the Lush Spa on our visit but we did manage to get a quick little tour of it and not only did it look adorable but it SMELT INSANE!! We were taken from the main store upstairs to a homely, kitchen-themed spa downstairs which … to top it off had a shower room with almost A L L of the Lush bathroom products in it for spa attendees to use at their leisure … I could’ve moved in. The lovely lady taking us around let me take a few quick snaps and they’re just the perfect mixture of dainty and snug, so if you get a chance to even just have a speedy tour I highly, highly recommend it.


So reader, I really hope you get a chance to check out these wonderful places for yourself in person one day!! Besides that, I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week – sending lots of hugs and smiles your way. Happy reading,


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