A Wannabe Beauty Guru’s Summer Faves


As I’m writing this post I’m channelling every ounce of Zoella beauty knowledge I have gained over the past few years because to be perfectly frank while I can scout out some cute product packaging, besides that, I’m fairly clueless as to which products are universally loved. With that being said though, I do like to think I know what works for my own skin type, which is pretty temperamental – basically ranging from an oily wasteland to something resembling sad flaky pastry. Oh, and you can throw a spattering of acne into that mix too. Of course I can’t disregard the fact that basically everyone has their own nightmare skin tales, unless you are one of the lucky few to be blessed with flawless skin, then I am thoroughly envious of you. If not though, welcome to the complicated skin crew, badges can be collected at the door.

Anyhow, returning to the matter at hand – summer faves. Primarily these favourites are focused on maintaining healthy, blemish free (or at least mainly free) skin but I couldn’t resist throwing in some makeup products and my ULTIMATE summer scent. As a slight disclaimer, the majority of these products are more on the high end of the scale but after years of testing drugstore options and no ‘WOW’ moment ever occurring, I decided to dig a little deeper and invest in more pricey ranges, and as a student who ended up living on pasta due to my beauty spending sprees, let me assure you I was SO relieved positive results came out of it!




Liz Earle Gentle Face Exfoliator

This product has been my lifesaver and I mean LIFESAVER. If I’m ever in need of CPR. don’t bother, just pass me a bottle of this and I will be A-okay. Alright, maybe I’m exaggerating a little, CPR would be massively appreciated if needed, but regardless this product has changed my skin care routine massively over the past month. I don’t enjoy using exfoliators or face washes unless I can physically feel the product working on my skin and as this product contains Jojoba beads, it’s very easy to feel their texture cleaning out your pores – so that’s a massive tick in the box for me. I started using this product just after finishing my University exams, so it’s fair to assume I was sporting some lovely exam stress acne, but after only a few days of using it, I was already noticing improvements. Also as an added bonus, while I have never actually been to a spa, I would like to imagine it smells like this product because, oh boy, does it smell lush. It certainly is much more of a clean, fresh scent (much like the majority of Liz Earle products) but that only added to my love for it. Anyone with blemish-prone skin, this is your gal!

Glossier Body Hero

Okay, admittedly this was an impulse buy. I didn’t honestly have very high hopes for it, despite the hype, because I am very attached to my Soap and Glory Righteous Butter but ever since I got the Body Hero, to my surprise, I’ve found myself reaching for it consistently. It’s basically already nearly half empty, not because of it lacking in quantity but because at any opportunity to moisturise I’ve been lathering myself in it. In all honesty, it is on the more pricey side for a body moisturiser, and while I haven’t shrivelled up into a crusty blob of skin while using it (maybe that was a tad too graphic), I don’t think it has really given me the miraculous sun Goddess glow it promised when advertised. However, as long as I’m moisturised enough that my skin isn’t uncomfortably dry I’m not fussy and this product does achieve that. As a cautionary warning it is rose scented and I mean, really rose scented so initially, it didn’t agree with me at all. But after a few uses I’ve slowly fallen in love with it, so much so that I seriously want to invest in a rose petal bath now, as mad as that sounds, so well done Glossier you won me over.



Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this product! I actually picked up this babe in a travel size set with the two other Skin Type 1 Clinique products, but I fell head over heels for the moisturiser and skipped my merry little way down to Boots to get a full sized bottle before returning home from University. As someone with combination skin, it’s really difficult to find a moisturiser that keeps me hydrated while not making me look like a representative for oil rigs, but Clinique has cracked it with this lotion. Not only does it smell refreshing, I genuinely only need two tiny pumps (as photographed above) to cover my whole face and as I rock a pretty big forehead that’s impressive. To top it off, not only does it give me happy, none flaky skin but after using it for just a week I already began to notice a healthy summer glow developing which has only improved over time. Tens across the board from me!!




Jo Malone: Peony and Blush Suede Cologne 

This has been my go-to scent ever since it was gifted to me by my lovely parents for my birthday because it is just so bloody delish. It’s definitely a very floral heavy scent, but I think that is why it is just so perfect for summer because you can totally rock the botanical sunshine queen vibe by wearing this. Okay, maybe I can’t necessarily rock that vibe but I can try my darn hardest and this scent gets me like 50% of the way. It certainly makes me feel far classier than I am in reality and it is definitely a scent any floral lovers should have in their collection this summer!

Nars Orgasm Blush and Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer

NARS is slowly taking over my makeup collection this summer and I am perfectly okay with that!! I was actually gifted the Orgasm blush a few years ago by my fabulous friends but over the winter season blusher tends to take a back seat within my makeup routine, however, it’s now back, better than ever and I am adoring it. It does always look a bit daunting to me within the packaging because it is a pretty ‘HELLO I’m here’ Barbie pink but on the cheeks, it gives a dainty, flushed glow and I am living for it. It even has a slight golden shimmer within the pan so if it’s a minimal makeup, boiling weather kind of day there isn’t really a need for a highlighter – which means one less layer of makeup for me in England’s current heat wave. When regarding the concealer, it must be said that it is now my new all-time fave. I was going to purchase it a few months back but was advised by a sales assistant to purchase the new Laura Mercier concealer and I was honestly pretty underwhelmed by the results. So I went back to pick up this babe a few weeks ago and it has transformed my makeup routine. It truly lives up to its name, giving you brightness while also remaining moisturising – leaving my messy skin as happy as it can be. I can not recommend it enough!


So there you have it, my current beauty summer favourites – ooh I really do feel like a beauty guru, if only eh? I hope you have a lovely rest of your week. Happy reading,

– E

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