Lush Christmas and Halloween Extravaganza

I cannot believe I’m actually saying this, but I … little ol’ theatre-loving, shower gel hoarding Ellie … went to a Lush bloggers event and let me tell you it was L to the U to the S to the…

Lets Talk Faves

Where on earth did these past two months go? January was seriously one of those “blink and it’s gone” type months for me and February ended up shaping up to be the exact same – it feels like only last…

Hello there!

It's lovely to meet you! I'm Ellie, a twenty year old English Literature student and passionate caffeine addict. It's fair to say I'm a bit of a book and beauty fanatic, so I hope you enjoy my ramblings and that I can sprinkle even a little bit of happiness into your day.

- E

A Wannabe Beauty Guru’s Summer Faves

  As I’m writing this post I’m channelling every ounce of Zoella beauty knowledge I have gained over the past few years because to be perfectly frank while I can scout out some cute product packaging, besides that, I’m fairly clueless…

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