An Unnecessary University Homeware Haul

Soooo, if you didn’t know I’m moving into my own flat for my third year at uni – eeek!! I’ve never lived entirely by myself before so this might’ve been the worst idea ever on my part but I have…

Adulting Is Hard

Hellooo you gemss!! Long time no seee!! I hope you’re all been doing super duper well over my four-month long hiatus. I have missed blogging so so much but hopefully, I’m back for good now as my second term at…

Hello there!

It's lovely to meet you! I'm Ellie, a twenty year old English Literature student and passionate caffeine addict. It's fair to say I'm a bit of a book and beauty fanatic, so I hope you enjoy my ramblings and that I can sprinkle even a little bit of happiness into your day.

- E

An Honest University Chat

  Hellooo lovely people! Okay so, the topic of ‘university’ is something I have been very nervous to discuss both on my blog and even in person over the past year but with the start of a new academic year…

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