The Dream Backpack with Gaston Luga

This post includes a gifted collaboration with Gaston Luga.

If you know me you will know that I am not a handbag girl, I think I maybe own two tiny wedding handbags that are covered in dust and live at the back of one of my shelves. However, I am 10000% a backpack lover, whether that is my giant university backpack or my dinky fashion handbags, you will never not see one strapped over my shoulders, so when I found out that I would be collaborating with Gaston Luga I’m sure you can understand how excited I was!!

The lovely team at Gaston Luga were kind enough to gift me their ‘CLÄSSY – Black and Pink’ backpack and I really, truly do love it. I would never want to promote a product on my platform that I didn’t think was incredibly high quality but, coming from a girl who has quite a few former backpacks in her bag-filled-graveyard, this is a really breathtaking accessory. While it is a little more on the bougie side, retailing at £89, it does not come without being an incredible quality.

First off, it smells incredible – now I know that might sound a bit weird but once I pulled it out of its dust cover, straight away it had the most lushhh new bag smell ever, which maybe isn’t a must but is definitely a major positive. Also the colours are just beautiful, I think everyone knows by now that I am the biggest pink lover in the world, so once I realised Gaston Luga sold bags which were the perfect bubble gum pink I was so, so excited. Plus, without tooting my own horn, this bag has already gotten me so many compliments in lectures and seminars – it really is just bringing me one step closer to making everything in my life completely pink and I am fully here for it.

In terms of practicality it is not only a brilliant quality, so I’m sure it won’t be following my fellow deceased backpacks anytime soon, but there is also so, so much room in it! From the outside you would never be able to notice that it is genuinely like a mini Tardis in there. It is now my go-to uni bag and today alone I packed my iPad, portable charger, A4 notebook, A3 diary, purse, chunky lunch box, water bottle, deodorant and my 900 PAGE edition of Vanity Fair in it and I still wasn’t fighting with the clasp. It is the perfect combination of fashion and function and I really could not be more happy to have been kindly gifted it by the Gaston Luga team.

Currently, if you would like to pick one up one of their lovely backpacks, or any of their other items, I have a discount code (ah I know my first ever code!!) for 15% off when you use 15ELLIE at checkout – wow do I feel professional. Their bags are not only incredible value for money but so, so versatile – I know for a fact this bad boy is going to be with me everywhere from university to Barcelona at the end of next month!!

Thank you so much again Gaston Luga for this wonderful collaboration and to those of you that have made it this far in the post I hope you have a lovely, lovely rest of your week,

lots of love, hugs and happy reading,

-E x

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