AmsterGRAM – The Ultimate Guide to Amsterdam’s Most Instagrammable Spots

With essay hand-ins and summer job prep jam-packing my schedule these past few months, I’ve been a bit naughty and neglected my little blog. Saying that though, I did manage to sneak in a quick trip to Amsterdam over my birthday weekend so at least I wasn’t working the wholeee time. To say that I wanted to go to this fabulous city for years is an understatement. I mean, I know that ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ isn’t the be-all-end-all of Dam but I was such a die-hard fan of the book and the film (I mean Ansel Elgort follows me back on Twitter people this is some real dedication), so I was willing to swim my way to the land of tulips and clogs if need be. Luckily that wasn’t the case and I did get a flight across, which still maybe wasn’t the best option because I don’t do well with flying, but still … I got there in the end.

As soon as I booked my trip though I was on a photo-op hunt mission, looking at every Instagram hashtag, reading every blog post and watching every vlog that I could to find the most Instagrammable spots in the city. So, if you are planning a trip to Stroopwafel central I would recommend doing a lot more research besides my little post. Firstly, I would highly suggest looking at Instagrammers such as @polabur, @tuliplander and because they are all Amsterdam based bloggers who upload some of the most gorgeous content and were such a source of inspiration for me on my trip. However, I would also recommend saving all of your favourite pictures to a file on Instagram so that you can refer back to them. Secondly, I spent a lot of time looking at vloggers exploring Amsterdam, particularly Zoe Sugg’s Valentine’s vlog, as well as doing a lot of google searches so it’s fair to say this became a serious mission for the perfect snaps. So, without further ado here are my absolute favourite spots I found in Dam to smile and snap in …

I have also actually labelled these spots by zone depending on where they are in relationship to one another because Amsterdam is pretty blummin’ massive.

Bloemenmarkt – (zone one)

I’ve never really been one of those people who loves garden centres or who watches Gardeners’ World, but I’ve known about the Bloemenmarkt for quite a few years now and have been ready and raring for a trip down there with my trowl and floppy hat for far too long. Essentially, it’s a floating flower market situated on the Singel Canal and is open seven days a week, although hours differ on a Sunday. It is hands down one of the most gorgeous shops I’ve ever been in, I mean isn’t bouquets of flowers hanging from the ceiling every snap happy bloggers dream? They sell the most gorgeous selection of fresh flowers, bulbs and trinket souvenirs but if you’re planning on taking any plants out of the country I would recommend asking a shop assistant for advice about custom regulations. Also, as far as photos go, while this is a gorgeous Instagram spot there are signs in the store asking for customers to pay to take photos, but by the time I arrived it was very, very crowded so I didn’t choose to whip out my chunky camera and start posing.

Therefore, if you want to get the BEST shots at this location I would try to get there as soon as they open to ensure there are the least amount of people in the store, or take a gamble and try to get some shots around closing time. Either way, these flowers are sure to look BLOOMin’ lovely on your feed.

The Fault in Our Stars Bench – (zone one)

I would’ve been doing thirteen-year-old Ellie an injustice if I hadn’t made this stop okay?! It was actually a lot easier to get some snaps here than I originally thought, but I did accidentally get them taken on my potato camera so they’re sadly not the highest quality. Nevertheless though, I want to give a mega shoutout to the lovely American gal who offered to take these photos for me across the canal – she was an absolute gem. There were a few people hanging out around the bench but besides that, it was pretty free to take photos on so I don’t think the time of day matters as much within this instance but having another person to take the photos was super duper helpful. Also, while this is ridiculously cheesy, I loved having the book with me so if you wanted to jazz up a solo photo a bit more this might be a good way to do that?


Moco Museum – (zone two)

Did somebody say Banksy because woweeee?! If you have a pink theme this is the stop for you because it is a fuschia wonderland. It might not be like this all year round but when I visited in April all of the outdoor walkways were coated in pink petals and when that’s paired with a pastel pink ticket you’ve got one hell of a flatlay opportunity. I also got super lucky on my trip because there was a breathtaking display up by Daniel Arsham which was the perfect Instagram op!! It did take a fair bit of patience to take some photos, maybe like 15 minutes for the number of people to settle down, but it was so so worth it and it’s not like the views weren’t fab for the wait. Currently, the display will be up until September 30th 2019 but fingers crossed they’ll extend its stay because it’s gorgeous. There was also a fab display by Roy Lichtenstein that brought to life one of his paintings in a real 3D room, which was there until the 29th May and the cherry on top of the museum cake … Banksy’s Laugh Now exhibition which has had its stay extended to the 30th September 2019. Tickets are super duper affordable, €15 on the door and €14 online, although I wouldn’t worry about pre-booking as I didn’t and got in within 10 minutes on the day – so I would definitely recommend this spot for any art lovin’ Grammer.

Stach Stores – (lots and lots across the city)

This is definitely a far, far easier snap to get because there are quite a few Stach stores across Amsterdam and it costs nothing to pop in them and get some cheeky shots – although I would politely ask an employee before doing so if I were you. Whether you want to pose outside the store’s mouthwatering window displays (I mean who doesn’t love meringues), only take some snaps of the sweet treats themselves or just pop inside to fill a basket full of goodies to take home with you, this is a fab spot to stop off at.

Bridges – specifically Herengracht Canal (zone three)

The real question is, have you really been to Amsterdam if you don’t take posey shots on one of their scenic bridges … nuh uh. One of my absolute favourite areas for bridges were those over the Herengracht Canal, the buildings in that area are just astonishing. I would 100% recommend heading out earlier in the morning though, as while we did notice that the residents of Dam preferred to stay in bed longer on a weekend (the streets surrounding my hotel were basically abandoned before 11am) there were still tourists up at this time, so the sooner you’re up and about the easier it will be to get solo shots on bridges. The main motivator I used for this was booking pre-paid attractions as early as possible so that I had no choice but to be up anyway.

If you didn’t fancy getting shots on the bridge though, why not take a boat tour to get some photos of the bridge from the water? My mum really wanted to do a boat tour so we ended up getting on one, which took off from close to the station not situated near zone three, after an uber long day and it was so much fun. It not only showed us smaller attractions which we hadn’t noticed walking around, such as Amsterdam’s narrowest house, but it also gave us the opportunity to get some photos of Amsterdam’s scenery which we never would have achieved on land.


Polaberry – (zone three)

If you are looking for the most Instagrammable store in Amsterdam, this is where you need to get your tush too. I have followed the Polaberry Instagram account @polaberry, as well as the owner Polina’s personal account @polabur for years and years now so it was such a dream to finally get to visit this spot. Of course, if you’re taking photos inside the store please ask a shop assistant but if they’re happy for you to do so then THIS IS THE DREAM. Not only is the interior an Instagram wonderland, but the merchandise she sells is gorgeous and don’t even get me started on the food itself because wowzers. I grabbed a Unicorn Cakesicle and quite honestly while it is as cute as can be, I didn’t have high hopes in terms of taste but I can hand on heart say it was one of the most delicious things I’ve ever eaten … seriously. What more could a gal ask for, mouthwatering and camera ready sweet treats is the way forward?! So whether you want to strike a pose on their outdoor seating area, proudly parade around a box of chocolate strawberries or just snap the stores exterior, this is a bloggers heaven.



Hartenstraat – (zone three)

Connecting onto the street where Polaberry is situated is Hartenstraat, which is home to some of the most gorgeous lil cafes and boutiques an Instagrammers heart could ever long for. Of course there’s Pluk, which is yet another absolutely gorgeous cafe/trinket shop treasure. It has so many beautiful homeware pieces in it as well as the most drool-worthy menu, so whether you’re looking for a slab of cake or a swanky salad this is such a fab place to stop off at. But there are also so, so many more gorgeous little clothing and art stores perfect for taking some photos of or picking up something to strut in later and snap proudly to show off your love for Amsterdam’s local businesses.


Xtracold Icebar Amsterdam – (zone four)

This was slightly less of a photo opportunity for the Gram for me and more of something I posted on my stories but it was sooo much fun regardless. We did need to pre-book this, so I would recommend walking down to the Icebar and asking about bookings. I can’t actually remember how much we paid but it wasn’t super cheap and the attendees did change the price across the two times we inquired – although in our package it did include one drink at the bar before going into the icebar, plus two in the actual icebar and a printed professional photo each. Although it should be said that while you are in the icebar, if you chose to have a shot for your first drink you have to keep that shot glass for your second drink so if you plan to get a beer second, maybe have that first so that you can have a shot served in a larger glass for your second serving – sorry if that’s all a little confusing haha. Also, as a slight disclaimer, we were the last ones in the icebar because we didn’t find it cold and were actually ushered out despite it being advertised that there is no limit to the time you spend in there so also bare that in mind. But we did still have a great time and got some cute snaps so I am still glad we went regardless.

So, there you have it!! My personal favourite spots that I found to take snaps in during my trip to Amsterdam. I had such a fab time there, everyone was so friendly and welcoming and I would highly, highly recommend an adventure there for anyone wanting to whip out their camera and get some fabulously Instagrammable images while also having a brilliant time. Fingers crossed it won’t be too long before I’m back but for now I hope you all have a wonderful week,

Lots of love, hugs and happy reading,

-E xx

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